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Happy World Chocolate Day 2020

how have you been doing?

Chocolate Monggo’s favourite day of the year is finally here! With half of 2020 behind us, it’s no lie that this has been a challenging year for each and every one of us. Hopefully, we are able to make this an experience we can learn from and be better prepared for in the future. Meanwhile, let’s celebrate International Chocolate Day 2020 with some latest news from us!

COVID-19, vitamin D and Chocolate

Did you hear about the recent study reporting that vitamin D levels are severely low in the elderly, who are the most vulnerable to COVID-19 infection? Our bodies normally make vitamin D with exposure to sunlight, so those stuck at home, the elderly are at higher risk for deficiency. Vitamin D is also linked to proper immune functioning.

Despite there being no official consensus that vitamin D can prevent the coronavirus, it’s no doubt that vitamin D is an essential component for our bodies to be nutritionally balanced. So if you or your loved ones aren’t getting enough sun, be sure to supplement with tablets, fatty fish or foods fortified with vitamin D, like milk or cereal.

Best part? In addition to supplementing, you can find vitamin D in dark chocolate! Okay, you’d need to eat 2 bars a day for the recommended daily dose, but don’t we all love some guilt-free snacking of rectangular goodness? It’s healthy after all!

Monggo’s newest chocolate biscuits: Meet the Mellow Cake!

Think marshmallow… but enveloped in a thin layer of rich dark chocolate, milk chocolate, matcha chocolate and rosella chocolate. A soft bite on the outside, before the soft, gooey sweetness bursts into your mouth. Best enjoyed with a warm, snuggly cup of tea. The Mellow Cake is going to be hard to put down, so don’t say we didn’t alert you with this deliciousness warning!

Monggo’s commitment to help: Happy Chickens, Happy Eggs 

photo by Handsome Brook Farm/Michael George

We work with local Javanese farmers that supply us the free-range or cage-free and organic eggs that we use for our cakes and cookies. Chickens that are allowed to roam have a better quality of life, and yield better eggs too. Not to mention that they are far less likely to carry disease because they are not all squished together in one large cage!

Thank you for your support

The best way to celebrate World Chocolate Day is… yes, by eating chocolate! Every purchase of Monggo Chocolate not only helps to support all our staff, but our continued efforts to bring you the finest chocolate in Indonesia. Send us a message to get some chocolate right now!

Don’t forget to stay safe, healthy and happy.

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#1 Chocolate is good for you

It’s a very special year for Monggo Chocolate, as we are celebrating our 15th anniversary! Unfortunately, the current situation doesn’t allow us to celebrate the way we had hoped.

So to compensate, let us share with you why you should choose Monggo to help you through these tough times. For every year we have flourished, here are 15 reasons why Monggo is Indonesia’s Finest Chocolate.

#1 Chocolate is good for you

There are a lot of articles purporting the health benefits of chocolate. It might even seem hard to believe! Many research and articles claim chocolate can improve;

  • heart health
  • memory
  • cognitive functioning
  • releases endorphins that helps against depression, stress and bad moods
  • rich in antioxidants which protect cells from free radicals (the most unfriendly radicals!)
  • is linked to longevity, better exercise endurance and is good for your skin.

There are just as many articles that counter the health benefits of chocolate. For example, chocolate is linked to weight gain and increased risk for diabetes. Confused? Don’t be. 

Chocolates are calorie-dense, but dark chocolate is actually the least unhealthy chocolate to consume. Especially when compared to milk and white chocolate, which contains much more sugar and fat. So if you are going to be snacking, why not opt for a healthier option?

Monggo Chocolate is unique because we have a wide range of dark chocolate starting at 58% all the way up to 100%, which is completely sugar-free!

So, what’s the moral of the story here? Try and consume chocolate in moderation and make sustainable healthy lifestyle choices. Remember, it takes time to offset the negative effect of unhealthy lifestyle choices. But it is never too late, and you can start right now, right from home.

Monggo Chocolate is here to support by offering special discounts and delivery right to your doorstep. Locate our nearest store or order via WhatsApp.

Monggo Chocolate wishes you health and happiness, always.


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Boost Your Immune System With Monggo Chocolate

These are difficult times that we’re in. With the entire world currently on red alert, we sincerely hope that everyone stays safe and healthy. A new strain of coronavirus is on the loose but that does not mean we should all panic and empty out our grocery stores. In this article, we would like to share some tips on how to boost your immune system, with Monggo Chocolate!

How to Boost Your Immune System?

COVID-19 is caused by a virus, the same family of what causes the common cold. Except it is far deadlier than the flu. Presently, there is no cure but only supportive treatment. While we should all be practicing social distancing to avoid getting infected, we can also help our bodies fight this pesky virus to keep our immune system in tiptop shape. How?

  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Exercise regularly
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Get enough good sleep
  • Keep your stress levels low

Yes, this is the most generic advice, but it works! However, with quarantines keeping us indoors far longer than we’re used to, we also suggest eating chocolate. Now more than ever, it’s important to boost morale along with our immune system! While the health benefits of chocolate are questionable, there is no questioning the fact that eating chocolate makes us feel good.

Five Chocolates That Help Boost Your Immune System

The only thing more healthy than these chocolates are… celery. 4/5 of these also have an added ingredient that makes it even more delicious, and they’re all immune boosters too!

1. Dark Chocolate 58% of Cocoa with Ginger

Ginger has been used as a medicinal herb and flavouring agent for over 5000 years! This aromatic root can boost your immune system with its anti-inflammatory effects and reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes with its ability to improve fat metabolism. Let this mighty and amazing herb add a sweet peppery zing to your chocolate craving!

2. Dark Chocolate 58% of Cocoa with Nutmeg

Did you know that nutmeg, or ‘buah pala’ is native to Indonesia? The seed of the Myristica fragrans evergreen tree can be ground into this sweet, pungent spice long used for its festive flavour and psychoactive properties. Whether you believe the health claims or not, it’s never inappropriate to savour your chocolate with added seasoning!

3. Dark Chocolate 58% of Cocoa with Red Chili

Red chili needs no introduction in Indonesia. Fun fact: It’s also classified as a fruit, not vegetable. Among its many properties, it is a natural painkiller, rich in Vitamin C, an antimicrobial and linked to longevity. This chocolate is historically significant as the ancient Mayans who discovered chocolate used to drink it with ground red chili!

4. Dark Chocolate 69% of Cocoa with Peppermint

This hybrid mint whose oil is a natural pesticide is being researched for its properties to soothe an upset stomach. The relaxing effect of peppermint also works wonders on our moods (peppermint tea anyone?). Not to mention that refreshing aftertaste which you can attain from eating chocolate! But still brush your teeth before you go to sleep, okay?

5. Dark Chocolate 100%, 86%, 77% of Cocoa

The darker the chocolate, the higher the content of antioxidants which make you happy. (The Dark Chocolate with 100% of Cocoa is even sugar-free!) Perfect for those that enjoy the bitter brilliance of chocolate. If you’re tired of eating chocolate, why not drink it? Melt some of these dark chocolate and turn it into a chai hot chocolate or make a decadent dessert instead!

Why yes, we do have an online store!

We hope you found these tips on how to boost your immune system helpful, especially with how feel-good chocolate can help too! In light of the pandemic, we advise everyone to stay safe and healthy, and if your closest Monggo Chocolate (find out where with our store locator) has run out, then be extra safe and just shop online!