From the very beginning Chocolate Monggo’s aims were not only producing delicious chocolate but also taking responsibility over the impacts of our business on people and nature with respect for the unique culture in the beautiful country of Indonesia. In doing so we are breaking new ground in the chocolate business in Indonesia. We have developed self regulating guidelines and are steadily working on the improvement of our social and environmental impacts. Indonesia’s environment provides us with the resources for our inimitable chocolate. For that reason we need to treat our resources and the environment in a sustainable way. Our efforts to save the environment are numerous:


We only use solar-heating for water that is used during production. We constantly aim to reduce water consumption during the production process.


Handmade chocolate: Our chocolate is mostly handmade, which make every piece unique, a characteristic of the truly best Javanese, Indonesian chocolate! In addition this reduces energy consumption. We try to use as less machines as possible. This is reducing our electricity level and also provides work for many people. Nevertheless, we cannot totally avoid using machines because we need them to produce truly the best Javanese, Indonesian chocolate for you. Our production facilities are well isolated in order to keep AC usage low.


We try to use as less plastic as possible and our newest attempt is the use of biodegradable plastic. We are willing to use FSC certified paper from sustainable sources and the new packaging is already in use for some of our products. Using aluminum which is easy to recycle and not harmful to any of the chocolate ingredients as some of our competitors plastic packaging is. On every inside of our packaging our customers can find tips on a greener lifestyle, which is positively contributing to the overall awareness of environmental matters. This project is not yet finished but will be launched soon.


We plant cacao trees and are planning to plant even more. We are always thinking about ideas how to help giving the nature back, what it offers to us. Our packaging contains unique hints for the customer to dispose our packaging in actual garbage places, such as dustbins and garbage containers. The eye-catching Javanese man, throwing away packaging into a dustbin shall encourage the consumer of our chocolate to do so as well


Chocolate industry isn’t an emission free industry at all. The most famous chocolate producers are located in Europe, mainly in Belgium and Switzerland. The fact that chocolate just grows near the equator explains by itself, that the raw material must be shipped or flown to these countries before the production process even begins. We are already located in Indonesia and our main raw material comes from Indonesia. This is how we can keep our CO2 emission per KG of chocolate very low, which makes Chocolate Monggo a truly environmental friendly choice for Indonesian customers. Our economic situation depends on the fluctuation on demand as every business does. But we are concerned about our employees. Mostly Indonesians from Yogyakarta and the surroundings. Our employees found a secure employment with Chocolate Monggo. As in the past we have never dismissed any employees because of fluctuations and we will always try to do so in the future. We are also investing into our community. New infrastructure and the generation of new jobs, training for our employees and free factory tours for school classes are just some examples of our community engagement. One of our major concerns is Human Rights. We take care of our staff. Every single individual shall have a sustainable and safe place of employment. Discrimination is not tolerated in our company. To keep the place of work as safe as possible we do several trainings on workplace security, for example a yearly fire drill. A team of doctors supports our employees in health-care and as next step we want to implement a yearly medic-first-aid training because only happy and healthy employees can help us to produce chocolate with such an enormous passion as the whole team has developed it in the past. We haven’t had any incidents of violence in our company yet and respect each other.

Labor Practices and Decent Work

As mentioned we take care of our employees. But it is not only about anti-discrimination, employing local staff and health care. To sustainable train our staff we implemented regular trainings and skill enhancement, teaching up-to-date relevant management strategies and do intern research. All this prepares our staff for the fast changing business, in and outside, the chocolate industry. We are convinced that we are changing people towards more flexible and adaptable individuals, without wanting too much. The trickle-down-effect then helps everyone throughout the company to profit from our knowledge and expertise in chocolate business.

Product Responsibility

Considering you, our consumers, we are guaranteeing the full responsibility for our products. Therefore we are producing under the national MD standard for all of our products, and are working on the accreditation by the National Health Department of Indonesia. Nevertheless our whole production already works under the strict regulations of the Badan Pemeriksaan Obat Makanan. That all our products are HALAL is accredited by MUI. We are doing everything possible to make our production as hygienic as possible, teach our staff basic hygienic behavior and invite government certified inspectors to receiving our production approved. Due to the expertise of our Belgian Chocolatier we achieved a chocolate product that tastes awesome even under climatically difficult situations as we have them in Indonesia. Despite the hygienic standards we want our products to give you the maximum satisfaction in taste and health issues. This is why we are using 100% cacao butter, natural ingredients and the best cacao only. To even improve the health benefits of our chocolate we bear the brunt to develop chocolate containing organic ingredients. We are well integrated into our society and interact with many institutions. Fairness and equality are fundamentals in our corporate culture. Whether it is you, a competitor or any kind of authority, we will always treat them in the same respectful way. As you can see, we are aware of our responsibilities. This report shows you our efforts. With this in mind, Chocolate Monggo as your premium Javanese Chocolate will always fulfill your needs without being harmful to the environment. We are acting sustainable and fair and the improvement of our CSR-Strategy is always on the go.

Our Halal Certificate

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BPOM-RI Certificate

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