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Welcome to Kotagede, Yogyakarta

The Chocolate Monggo factory is located in the historical town of Kotagede, the old capital of the Mataram Kingdom. Whilst this beautiful town is no longer a political centre, traditional icons remain such as the royal graveyard area of the Islamic Mataram Kingdom’s forefathers, Cepuri Fort, and also the traditional market Pasar Kotagede. Kotagede is also known as home to the silversmith of Yogyakarta.

When you visit Jogjakarta don't forget to stop by at Chocolate Monggo Factory Kotagede.

Come try some samples and enjoy discounted prices
at the showroom on our complete range of Chocolate Monggo products. 


Please Note: As per the Javanese calendar, there is a bird market held at the Pasar Kotagede, every “Hari Legi” morning till 1pm which occurs in a five- day cycle. This bird market brings many of the locals together and is a bustling example of a traditional market. This leads to the roads being very congested so we advise visitors to use the link provided to plan their visit to Chocolate Monggo and take the alternative route as per the map provided. Alternatively, embrace the local bird market and park your car near the market and take a stroll down to Chocolate Monggo once you’ve enjoyed a taste of traditional Yogyakarta!!

Visitors Info

Chocolate Monggo Showroom Open Daily : 8am - 5pm

Chocolate Monggo Factory : Monday - Friday (8am - 4pm), Saturday (9am - 2pm), Sunday (closed)

If you want to arrange group tours or visit the Monggo factory please contact :

Public Relation Department :

Tel : +62 (0274) 373192

Email :

Our Location

For the map with alternative route for "Hari legi" click here (pdf)



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