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The Spirit of Monggo


We care about the environment as much as we care about our chocolate. For instance, most of our packaging are made of recycled paper and while we focus on natural ingredients, we use mostly local products in order to reduce the need for transport linked to the production.


We believe we can educate people to value their traditions and appreciate true quality when it comes to chocolate. Our museum is defenitely a place to learn about chocolate!


We want to share the pleasure of eating real chocolate with everybody in Indonesia and this remains our spiritual mission until today.


Belgian chocolate tradition combined with the Javanese cultural heritage and the exceptional range of tastes and ingredients that we can find locally. This allows us to craft a true Indonesian premium chocolate. It is the fusion of different cultural aspects, where each one benefits from the other that creates something special and makes Monggo so unique.


Our passion for chocolate is genuine as is our chocolate itself. The dedication to producing an authentic, premium chocolate derives from the very beginning of our history when Thierry and his friends started to create homemade chocolates at their homes.


The First Chocolatier of Yogyakarta

This adventure begins in Yogyakarta back to 2001 when a 35 years old Belgian man arrives in Indonesia without a plan in mind. Disappointed by the poor quality of chocolate, he decided to take matters into his own hands and endeavours to make some specialties of his low-land country using limited resources.

The first chocolate truffles he gave to his Indonesian friends caused their eyes to light up with pleasure. “You have to make more!” they said. So off he went with his old pink Vespa that he transformed into a vending stall and sold them on Sundays at the Gadjah Mada University market and outside the Kotabaru church.

More for the pleasure and to discover people’s reaction, rather than making money, these interesting moments shaped the man’s new career and made him the first chocolatier of Yogyakarta.

Thierry Detournay - Founder and Director

The Meaning of "Monggo"

“Monggo” is a Javanese word meaning “please” people use all the time in Yogyakarta together with a thumb gesture, similar to the sign used by hitchhiker but in a horizontal position.

“Monggo” is used when someone passes in front of you, when invited to someone’s house, when you leave, etc. We found this polite expression representing the Javanese culture in the city of Yogyakarta so well and to be the perfect name for our chocolate.

Monggo Today
Since the beginning in 2005, Chocolate Monggo has expanded with almost 190 employees now working in our main offices in Yogyakarta, Jakarta, Surabaya and Bali.
Our production takes place in Yogyakarta. Our main factory is in Kotagede, as well as our new production site in Bangunjiwo; which can be visited during the tour of our Chocolate Museum.
We distribute to many cities around Java and Bali and we plan to expand to other islands throughout Indonesia and eventually overseas soon.
Chocolate Monggo is well concern on environmental sustainability. One of our action is to use cage free eggs in any of our product that contains of eggs. Read more: https://chocolatemonggo.com/id/selamat-hari-cokelat-sedunia-2020/
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