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15 Reasons for 15 Years | #1-#5

It’s a very special year for Monggo Chocolate, as we are celebrating our 15th anniversary! Unfortunately, the current situation doesn’t allow us to celebrate the way we had hoped.

So to compensate, let us share with you why you should choose Monggo to help you through these tough times. For every year we have flourished, here are 15 reasons why Monggo is Indonesia’s Finest Chocolate.

#1 Chocolate is good for you

There are a lot of articles purporting the health benefits of chocolate. It might even seem hard to believe! Many research and articles claim chocolate can improve;

  • heart health
  • memory
  • cognitive functioning
  • releases endorphins that helps against depression, stress and bad moods
  • rich in antioxidants which protect cells from free radicals (the most unfriendly radicals!)
  • is linked to longevity, better exercise endurance and is good for your skin.

There are just as many articles that counter the health benefits of chocolate. For example, chocolate is linked to weight gain and increased risk for diabetes. Confused? Don’t be.

 Chocolates are calorie-dense, but dark chocolate is actually the least unhealthy chocolate to consume. Especially when compared to milk and white chocolate, which contains much more sugar and fat. So if you are going to be snacking, why not opt for a healthier option?

 Monggo Chocolate is unique because we have a wide range of dark chocolate starting at 58% all the way up to 100%, which is completely sugar-free!

 So, what’s the moral of the story here? Try and consume chocolate in moderation and make sustainable healthy lifestyle choices. Remember, it takes time to offset the negative effect of unhealthy lifestyle choices. But it is never too late, and you can start right now, right from home.

#2 Our chocolate is locally sourced and produced 

Before you ask, yes there is a significant difference between the two. 

Sourced refers to where we get our raw ingredients from, almost 100% of which comes from Indonesia. Why ‘almost’? Because we do import some special ingredients like Matcha from Japan and Salted Butter  from France. Otherwise, the amazing chocolate you taste is a legitimately 100% Indonesian product.

Produced refers to the location where the cacao is turned into the divine chocolate and where it is packaged. Monggo Chocolate is produced entirely in Yogyakarta before being sent off to the various locations that carry Monggo Chocolate. 

We are proud to be locally sourced and produced because after all, Indonesia is the third largest exporter of cacao in the whole world! Being as local as we can be allows us to be able to maintain close relationships with our sellers and makers. That way, we can ensure that the quality of our chocolate is never compromised.

#3 Our chocolate factory is eco-friendly 

We are always proud to say that Monggo Chocolate cares about the environment as much as we love our chocolate. Our tablets are completely plastic free! We use paper packaging as much as possible to have minimal ecological impact. The back of our products also include some tips and mention our efforts to be more eco-friendly.

In fact, we managed to convince many of our local suppliers to stop wrapping each and every item in plastic and now our cacao comes in reusable linen bags. Our chocolate factories are located close to us, that way we can monitor production to ensure that our waste production is kept to a bare minimum.

As most of our raw ingredients are locally sourced and produced, we also reduce our carbon footprint since we don’t need anything imported which usually involves more transportation.

Our environmentally friendly values go beyond the ingredients, but right down to the packaging. We’d like to be exemplary to show that as an industry, it is possible to care about the impact we have on our beloved Earth. While there are many creative packaging solutions we can aspire to, this is a good place to start consciously choosing products that align with your belief system.

#4 Culture in the taste of chocolate

Monggo Chocolate is more than just good chocolate, it’s a cultural experience. How so? Indonesia has never made headlines when it comes to producing chocolate, yet it is the 3rd largest cacao exporter in the world after Brazil and the Ivory Coast. 

While it may seem harmless to assume that vast cacao production would automatically mean a lot of chocolate, those are two entirely different concepts. Among other countries, Indonesia exports cacao to Belgium, a country known throughout the cosmos for its namesake chocolate.

Our founder, Thierry Detournay, never thought that he would bring his homeland specialties to Jogja all those years ago. With a simple desire to make quality chocolate available in Indonesia and his homemade Pralines gaining popularity, the journey of Monggo Chocolate began.  

We bring out the best of both worlds by combining the natural resources of Indonesia with the rich tradition of chocolate making from Belgium to make premium chocolate. The point where these two worlds meet, is exactly where Monggo Chocolate melts in your mouth!

#5 Every chocolate flavour imaginable 

Some like their chocolate dark, milk, white or even pink! What about those who care more about what’s on the inside? Like the Harry Potter every flavour beans fantasy confectionery, Monggo is like Indonesia’s very own every flavour chocolate. 

We are always finding new ways to incorporate existing flavours and textures into our chocolate. Thankfully, Indonesia offers no shortage of exciting tastes. From flavouring to filling ranging from fruits to nuts to household condiments, these exceptional varieties of accoutrements showcase not just the chocolate, but the cultural heritage of Indonesia. Just look at all these options!

  • Coconut 
  • Cacao nibs
  • Red chilli
  • Rendang
  • Volcanic salt
  • Orange peel
  • Mango 
  • Peppermint
  • Matcha
  • Salty caramel
  • Caramello
  • Rosella 
  • Strawberry
  • Pineapple
  • Marzipan
  • Praline
  • Durian  
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Kenari nuts
  • Cashew nuts 
  • Hazelnuts 
  • Cinnamon
  • Nutmeg
  • Ginger 

If any of these tickle your fancy, just imagine how sublime it will taste in combination with our delicious mouth-watering chocolate… 

For every year Monggo Chocolate has been in service, we have given you a reason to choose us. Thank you for supporting us and helping us deliver real, premium quality chocolate for everyone in Indonesia to enjoy.  

Monggo is now available to order entirely online and deliver right to your doorstep. We also offer special discounts and promotions. Locate our nearest store or order via WhatsApp.

Monggo Chocolate wishes you health and happiness, always.


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Museum Monggo Kembali Dibuka

Halo Pecinta Cokelat, bagaimana kabar Anda?

Setelah sekian lama menahan rindu untuk tidak menyapa Anda di Museum Monggo, kini Museum kami sudah dibuka untuk umum setiap harinya, dari pukul 10 pagi sampai 5 sore.

Keadaan tubuh yang sehat menjadi hal yang paling disyukuri untuk saat ini, maka dari itu kami harap Anda selalu sehat dan tetap terjaga. Selama Museum Monggo dibuka tentu kami memprioritaskan kenyaman Anda, oleh karena itu kami memperketat protokol kesehatan dan juga menghadirkan permainan quiz, serta diskon yang dapat Anda nikmati!

Protokol kesehatan untuk pengunjung Monggo Museum

  • Wajib memakai masker selama di area Museum dan Factory Chocolate Monggo
  • Wajib mengikuti pengecekan suhu badan dan mencuci tangan
  • Apabila suhu badan melebihi 38 ͦ C, ataupun dalam keadaan sakit batuk, pilek/flu tidak diperkenankan masuk
  • Wajib menjaga jarak minimal 1 meter dengan pengunjung lain
  • Jumlah maksimal bergiliran masuk area museum, kedai atau showroom hanya diperbolehkan per-10 orang
  • Wajib anti berdiri pada garis antrian saat di Showroom dan Kedai saat membayar
  • Wajib mengikuti instruksi staff museum melaksanakan prosedur protokol kesehatan

Monggo Museum selalu ingin mejadi tempat yang terjamin kebersihanya bagi pengunjung dan tentu menjadi tempat bersenang-senang bagi Anda!

Dengan membayar tiket Rp 10.000 Anda dapat belajar tentang sejarah Cokelat di dunia dan Cokelat Monggo, serta jika bisa menjawab quiz,  Anda mendapat hadiah Cokelat gratis. Selain itu, nikmati suasana desa sambil ditemani minuman Cokelat Premium khas Monggo dengan potongan 25% dan juga dapatkan berbagai promo menarik saat berbelanja di Showroom.

Meskipun sekarang dunia sudah mulai beralih ke New Normal, kesenangan Anda harus tetap menjadi prioritas. Oleh karena itu, kesenangan dan kebahagiaan bisa Anda dapatkan di Museum Monggo.



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Boost Your Immune System With Monggo Chocolate

These are difficult times that we’re in. With the entire world currently on red alert, we sincerely hope that everyone stays safe and healthy. A new strain of coronavirus is on the loose but that does not mean we should all panic and empty out our grocery stores. In this article, we would like to share some tips on how to boost your immune system, with Monggo Chocolate!

How to Boost Your Immune System?

COVID-19 is caused by a virus, the same family of what causes the common cold. Except it is far deadlier than the flu. Presently, there is no cure but only supportive treatment. While we should all be practicing social distancing to avoid getting infected, we can also help our bodies fight this pesky virus to keep our immune system in tiptop shape. How?

  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Exercise regularly
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Get enough good sleep
  • Keep your stress levels low

Yes, this is the most generic advice, but it works! However, with quarantines keeping us indoors far longer than we’re used to, we also suggest eating chocolate. Now more than ever, it’s important to boost morale along with our immune system! While the health benefits of chocolate are questionable, there is no questioning the fact that eating chocolate makes us feel good.

Five Chocolates That Help Boost Your Immune System

The only thing more healthy than these chocolates are… celery. 4/5 of these also have an added ingredient that makes it even more delicious, and they’re all immune boosters too!

1. Dark Chocolate 58% of Cocoa with Ginger

Ginger has been used as a medicinal herb and flavouring agent for over 5000 years! This aromatic root can boost your immune system with its anti-inflammatory effects and reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes with its ability to improve fat metabolism. Let this mighty and amazing herb add a sweet peppery zing to your chocolate craving!

2. Dark Chocolate 58% of Cocoa with Nutmeg

Did you know that nutmeg, or ‘buah pala’ is native to Indonesia? The seed of the Myristica fragrans evergreen tree can be ground into this sweet, pungent spice long used for its festive flavour and psychoactive properties. Whether you believe the health claims or not, it’s never inappropriate to savour your chocolate with added seasoning!

3. Dark Chocolate 58% of Cocoa with Red Chili

Red chili needs no introduction in Indonesia. Fun fact: It’s also classified as a fruit, not vegetable. Among its many properties, it is a natural painkiller, rich in Vitamin C, an antimicrobial and linked to longevity. This chocolate is historically significant as the ancient Mayans who discovered chocolate used to drink it with ground red chili!

4. Dark Chocolate 69% of Cocoa with Peppermint

This hybrid mint whose oil is a natural pesticide is being researched for its properties to soothe an upset stomach. The relaxing effect of peppermint also works wonders on our moods (peppermint tea anyone?). Not to mention that refreshing aftertaste which you can attain from eating chocolate! But still brush your teeth before you go to sleep, okay?

5. Dark Chocolate 100%, 86%, 77% of Cocoa

The darker the chocolate, the higher the content of antioxidants which make you happy. (The Dark Chocolate with 100% of Cocoa is even sugar-free!) Perfect for those that enjoy the bitter brilliance of chocolate. If you’re tired of eating chocolate, why not drink it? Melt some of these dark chocolate and turn it into a chai hot chocolate or make a decadent dessert instead!

Why yes, we do have an online store!

We hope you found these tips on how to boost your immune system helpful, especially with how feel-good chocolate can help too! In light of the pandemic, we advise everyone to stay safe and healthy, and if your closest Monggo Chocolate (find out where with our store locator) has run out, then be extra safe and just shop online!

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Monggo’s Efforts to Keep Stores & Offices Clean

Dear all Chocolate Lovers,

With the current situation of COVID-19, Chocolate Monggo prioritizes the health of customers and employers by taking all the measures recommended by the local government and the World Health Organization (WHO).

  1. We will temporary stop the sampling in our showrooms to reduce any risk of COVID-19, caused by exposed chocolate. We hope for your understanding. – Certainly our packaged and well-sealed products are still available.
  2. Our showrooms are being sterilized, especially frequently touched spots like the doorknobs and our showcase.
  3. We constantly check the body temperature of our employees and customers. When we detect a high fever or other symptoms, we ask the individual to immediately get a medical check at a nearby doctor or hospital.
  4. We oblige our showroom employees to wear mask and gloves.
  5. We provide hand sanitizer to everyone before entering our showrooms.

We thank you for your understanding and continue to provide our chocolate and the best service possible, while protecting you as our customer according to the national government and WHO’s standards.

Thank you.


Chocolate Monggo

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Indonesia’s Finest Chocolate Goes PINK!

You read right, Monggo Chocolate has a brand new look! Our newest product made with Rosella, is the perfect way to rejuvenate the chocolate-loving soul.

Naturally Pink Chocolate? 

This phrase could border a copyright infringement because such chocolate apparently already exists courtesy of Swiss manufacturer Barry Callebaut. He claims to have found the “fourth type of chocolate” using a type of ruby cocoa bean that grows only in three countries: Ecuador, Brazil and the Ivory Coast. What a long way to go for some pretty pink chocolate!

Honestly though, what a commendable effort and discovery for the chocolate world! However, that does not make our new product any less pink or proud! What Monggo Chocolate has done is to incorporate the Rosella flower into a new recipe to produce a high quality, premium chocolate that offers both a unique taste, and look.


Why Rosella? 

Rosella, or the Hibiscus sabdariffa, is a plant first found in West Africa. Over time, it has spread widely geographically, and found many uses. The pink flowers are used extensively in herbal medicine and are often enjoyed as tea. Scientific studies have confirmed its many health benefits including reducing blood pressure and being rich in antioxidants.

It can get boring to drink an incredibly bitter flower in tea, right? You know what never gets boring? Eating chocolate! Chocolate has undisputed health benefits so we simply combined the two ingredients to bring a healthy and aesthetically pleasing chocolate variant to the market.

The flavour profile of this Rosella is sure to please anyone who dare try this pink perfection. After all, it is 2020 and there are now many different ways to enjoy eating your supplements and superfoods by hiding it in chocolate. So, really, isn’t this such a win-win situation?

Why Go Pink?

Monggo likes to try new things, it’s as simple as that. For chocolate lovers and skeptics alike, here is another chocolate experience for you. We always strive for everyone in Indonesia to be able to indulge in high quality chocolate. It is innovations like these that allow us to continue crafting genuine Indonesian premium chocolate.

Another value we hold dear to our mission is using as many local ingredients as possible. Decreasing our need to import ingredients is one way we tackle the environmental concerns. Rosella not only grows in Indonesia, but it is also something Indonesians are familiar with. This creates a beautiful fusion of everyday ingredients in Indonesia, with the chocolate we produce.

Tell Your Friends

So, go ahead and try out this brand new Rosella flavour and let us know what you think by tagging us on Instagram! Tell your friends about this crazy new chocolate that doesn’t necessarily look or taste like traditional chocolate, but is made of nothing but 100% cacao beans and yes of course, a dash of brilliantly coloured Rosella!

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Jogja Cocoa Day 2019

Together with the Hartono Mall we held the first Jogja Cocoa Day – “The Secret Temptation of Chocolate” in the Atrium of Hartono Mall. The event took 4 days from Thursday the 17th until the 20th of October, offering different activities each day.

We invited to visit a miniature version of our Chocolate Museum to enrichen the visitor’s insight and knowledge about the history and the manufacturing process of chocolate.

Even the historic pink Vespa that the founder of Monggo, Thierry Detournay, used in the early days to sell his chocolates was brought to the event.

Chocolate Monggo also provided various activities. Visitors were able to create their own chocolate, enjoy a chocolate fondue and draw batik patters on canvas with real chocolate. Besides, chocolate drinks with different percentages of cocoa could be tasted as well as raw cocoa mass and the cocoa fruit.

One highlight was definitely the Belgian Waffles that we offered for the first time. Topped with several different Chocolates our waffles soon became one of the visitor’s favorites.

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Kids Praline

Knowing about the joy, chocolate brings to children, we want to share some creations specially made for the younger chocolate lovers. We developed a couple of exciting pralines, in shapes such as Butterflies and Robots. These pralines for kids are filled with praliné, a paste made of ground nuts and chocolate, and coated in Dark Chocolate, decorated with natural food coloring.

Beside the pralines, there are also chocolate dinosaurs to discover in our Javasik collection, starring Tyrannosaurus, Brachiosaurus and a few others. The dinosaurs are made from Milk Chocolate with 41% Cocoa. The creamy character and joyful sweetness makes it a children’s favourite! – Available at all of our showrooms and online

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Tempering Chocolate

  1. Chop the chocolate into fine pieces.
  2. Melt 70% of the total quantity in a microwave or bain-marie, until the chocolate reaches the recommended melting temperature (see table).
    • If using a microwave: heat only for 30-60 seconds, take the chocolate out and stir it well. Repeat the progress until you reach a homogenous texture without any grains.
    • Note: Melt the chocolate step-by-step, because just like milk, chocolate can burn easily. – The smaller the amount of chocolate you want to melt, the shorter the heating periods should be.
  3. Stop heating and add the remaining 30% of the chopped chocolate to the mix.
  4. Stir intensively. Thereby you ensure that the added chocolate melts in the mix, while cooling it down to the desired working temperature.

Note: The chocolate has to be TEMPERED, if you want to mould it into any desired shape and achieve a smooth, glossy and evenly colored texture.

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Ramadan is Coming

For the celebration of Ramadan, Chocolate Monggo creates special chocolate delicacies, to make the breakfasting even more joyful.

We’ve coated Tunisian dates of premium quality with Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, and Chocolate with Matcha and filled them with Hazelnut Praliné, Roasted Cashew Nut, Coffee Praliné. The pralines guarantee for a happy breakfasting. We also created a Crescent box with various limited pralines, to celebrate Lebaran for a delightful moment with family and friends.

Make the moments with your family even more memorable with our Ramadan and Lebaran products, or make someone else happy, as they also make for a special gift. Get all these products only at our official showroom.

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Chocolate Monggo’s 14th Anniversary “Lebih Asyik, Tanpa Plastik!”

On April 27, 2019, at our head office and the production site of our premium chocolate, we celebrated Monggo’s 14th birthday under the slogan “Lebih Asyik, Tanpa Plastik!”. The theme was chosen to further support the movement of reducing plastic waste, which is responsible for the devastating impacts on our environment.

“Chocolate Monggo has been reducing the use of plastic ever since the brand was founded, but this year we are especially dedicated to reducing our consumption of plastic. One of our concrete actions is to reduce the use of plastic in our packaging. For example, we use aluminium foil and FSC-certified paper that is easily decomposed, for all our 40gr and 80gr packaging. Customers are also given a paper bag when purchasing Chocolate Monggo, instead of receiving their products in a plastic bag” said Steffen Hitscher, Marketing Manager of Chocolate Monggo.

A series of events were held during the 14th anniversary of Chocolate Monggo “Lebih Asyik, Tanpa Plastik!”, including the planting of cocoa trees (Theobroma Cacao) around our neighboorhood in Kotagede, recycling workshops and for charity, we invited orphanages to create their own chocolate. Besides, we completely banned plastic from the event.

We would like to thank the all the sponsors, who supported this event: Yogyakarta’s Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel, HS Silver, Lendis Advertising, Puratos, Pangan Lestari, Greeng Inspiration (Printing), Media Centerlink, Hamzah Batik, Hamzah Jakal, Cemerlang, PT. Espera Satya, Narisaq, GCB Cocoa, UOB Bank, Bank Mandiri, Bank BCA, Bakpia Wong, Fave Group On, GL. International, Sumber Praline Utama, Illy Coffee, Margaria, and Radio MNC 97.0 FM Trijaya Yogyakarta and I-Radio 88.7 FM Jogja.