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Monggo Shares: A Chocolate Bar for Their Smiles

At the end of 2020, Chocolate Monggo held a love sharing program as a form of gratitude for closing the year. It was a tough year for all, but it never hurts to keep sharing for others.

Through an activity entitled “A Chocolate Bar for Their Smile”, Chocolate Monggo and several donors gave to 12 orphanages in Yogyakarta. Donations were distributed in the form of chocolate to a total of 307 foster children and 137 orphanage staffs. Donations were given directly by the Management of Chocolate Monggo on 22-30 December, 2020.

Why choose Chocolate in this action? As an authentic, Indonesian premium quality chocolate producer and made by a Chocolate expert from Belgium; Monggo Chocolate is inspired by a Belgian tradition. In Belgium, chocolate is an elegant gift that is usually given to family, friends and colleagues to show love and congratulations. Chocolate tells a lot: about happiness, a delicious food that most people love, and careness presented as a gift.

Besides chocolate, in this activity Chocolate Monggo also distributed and carried out activities to plant Cocoa trees together at the Orphanage, to show Chocolate Monggo’s concern for the environment. Chocolate Monggo hopes that this activity brings joy to the children and the carers of the orphanage, because their smiles is our happiness.