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Indonesia’s Finest Chocolate Goes PINK!

You read right, Monggo Chocolate has a brand new look! Our newest product made with Rosella, is the perfect way to rejuvenate the chocolate-loving soul.

Naturally Pink Chocolate? 

This phrase could border a copyright infringement because such chocolate apparently already exists courtesy of Swiss manufacturer Barry Callebaut. He claims to have found the “fourth type of chocolate” using a type of ruby cocoa bean that grows only in three countries: Ecuador, Brazil and the Ivory Coast. What a long way to go for some pretty pink chocolate!

Honestly though, what a commendable effort and discovery for the chocolate world! However, that does not make our new product any less pink or proud! What Monggo Chocolate has done is to incorporate the Rosella flower into a new recipe to produce a high quality, premium chocolate that offers both a unique taste, and look.


Why Rosella? 

Rosella, or the Hibiscus sabdariffa, is a plant first found in West Africa. Over time, it has spread widely geographically, and found many uses. The pink flowers are used extensively in herbal medicine and are often enjoyed as tea. Scientific studies have confirmed its many health benefits including reducing blood pressure and being rich in antioxidants.

It can get boring to drink an incredibly bitter flower in tea, right? You know what never gets boring? Eating chocolate! Chocolate has undisputed health benefits so we simply combined the two ingredients to bring a healthy and aesthetically pleasing chocolate variant to the market.

The flavour profile of this Rosella is sure to please anyone who dare try this pink perfection. After all, it is 2020 and there are now many different ways to enjoy eating your supplements and superfoods by hiding it in chocolate. So, really, isn’t this such a win-win situation?

Why Go Pink?

Monggo likes to try new things, it’s as simple as that. For chocolate lovers and skeptics alike, here is another chocolate experience for you. We always strive for everyone in Indonesia to be able to indulge in high quality chocolate. It is innovations like these that allow us to continue crafting genuine Indonesian premium chocolate.

Another value we hold dear to our mission is using as many local ingredients as possible. Decreasing our need to import ingredients is one way we tackle the environmental concerns. Rosella not only grows in Indonesia, but it is also something Indonesians are familiar with. This creates a beautiful fusion of everyday ingredients in Indonesia, with the chocolate we produce.

Tell Your Friends

So, go ahead and try out this brand new Rosella flavour and let us know what you think by tagging us on Instagram! Tell your friends about this crazy new chocolate that doesn’t necessarily look or taste like traditional chocolate, but is made of nothing but 100% cacao beans and yes of course, a dash of brilliantly coloured Rosella!