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#1 Chocolate is good for you

It’s a very special year for Monggo Chocolate, as we are celebrating our 15th anniversary! Unfortunately, the current situation doesn’t allow us to celebrate the way we had hoped.

So to compensate, let us share with you why you should choose Monggo to help you through these tough times. For every year we have flourished, here are 15 reasons why Monggo is Indonesia’s Finest Chocolate.

#1 Chocolate is good for you

There are a lot of articles purporting the health benefits of chocolate. It might even seem hard to believe! Many research and articles claim chocolate can improve;

  • heart health
  • memory
  • cognitive functioning
  • releases endorphins that helps against depression, stress and bad moods
  • rich in antioxidants which protect cells from free radicals (the most unfriendly radicals!)
  • is linked to longevity, better exercise endurance and is good for your skin.

There are just as many articles that counter the health benefits of chocolate. For example, chocolate is linked to weight gain and increased risk for diabetes. Confused? Don’t be. 

Chocolates are calorie-dense, but dark chocolate is actually the least unhealthy chocolate to consume. Especially when compared to milk and white chocolate, which contains much more sugar and fat. So if you are going to be snacking, why not opt for a healthier option?

Monggo Chocolate is unique because we have a wide range of dark chocolate starting at 58% all the way up to 100%, which is completely sugar-free!

So, what’s the moral of the story here? Try and consume chocolate in moderation and make sustainable healthy lifestyle choices. Remember, it takes time to offset the negative effect of unhealthy lifestyle choices. But it is never too late, and you can start right now, right from home.

Monggo Chocolate is here to support by offering special discounts and delivery right to your doorstep. Locate our nearest store or order via WhatsApp.

Monggo Chocolate wishes you health and happiness, always.