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Kids Praline

We developed a couple of exciting pralines for kids, in shapes such as Butterflies and Robots. Beside the pralines, there are also chocolate dinosaurs to discover in our Javasik collection

About Monggo

Learn about Monggo's key values and how it all began with a simple idea of creating an authentic chocolate and souvenir of Yogyakarta.

About Chocolate

Who was the first to make chocolate? How is it made today and what is a Praline?

Explore Monggo's Products

Born from a genuine passion for high-quality chocolate. All our products are made from real chocolate using 100% pure cocoa butter (No vegetable/palm oil) to achieve excellence in taste. Explore our broad variety of tastes.

The Museum of Chocolate

Visit our Chocolate Museum and learn everything you ever wanted to know about chocolate and become a Chocolatier yourself!

What's New

On April 27, 2019, at our head office and the production site of our premium chocolate, we celebrated Monggo’s 14th birthday under the slogan “Lebih Asyik, Tanpa Plastik!”. The theme was chosen to further support the movement of reducing plastic waste, which is responsible for the devastating impacts on our environment. “Chocolate Monggo has been […]

More than 8.3 billion tons of plastic have been produced since 1950. It weighs the equivalent of 80 million whales, 1 million elephants, or 822,000 Eiffel towers. Unfortunately, only 9% of that amount has been recycled and the rest is still scattered in landfills and even in the sea. Please note, the average time that […]

The Mayan Tribe were the first real chocolate expert that cultivate cocoa as a chocolate drink, because they believed that cocoa (Theobroma Cacao) is fruit of divine origin. At Monggo’s Chocolate Museum, those first chocolate experts are remembered and besides learning about their history, we provide authentic Maya costumes for the visitors to rent and […]

18 January 2019
PRALIN by Chocolate Monggo
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About Chocolate