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The Chocolate Kingdom

Bangunjiwo - Yogyakarta

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"Elevate Your Soul with The Food of The Gods"

Located in the Southwest of Yogyakarta city, our Chocolate Kingdom is a unique place to learn everything you ever wanted to know about chocolate! Dive into the chocolate world and experience something really special. Whether you come alone, with your family and friends, or with colleagues, you can enjoy our Factory Tour and follow each step of the production process, starting from the raw cocoa beans to the irresistible bars of chocolate. You can even learn to be an apprentice chocolatier yourself and make your own chocolate creation, or taste and compare different chocolate components from the fruit to the roasted cocoa bean and various types of chocolate. Did you know? chocolate has been consumed by humans for around 3000 years.

You can discover all the fascinating facts about chocolate at our museum. And last but not least, take the opportunity to try all the chocolates you want at our "Kedai": chocolate pralines, chocolate drinks, chocolate cakes, desserts, and, our best-seller, double dark chocolate gelato! At our “Joglo” (Traditional wooden Javanese building) store you will also be able to purchase any of our specialties from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Our factory tour is an amazing few hours of fun to spice up your holiday, weekend trip, or family gathering. This is the perfect activity for school field trips too! You are welcome all year long as we’re open 7 days a week, including holidays.


Museum and Factory Tour
Chocolate Creating Mendiant Experience
 Chocolate Creating  Pralines Experience
Chocolate Tasting Experience


Did you know that cacao beans were used as money and that chocolate was considered “the food of the gods”? Embark on a journey back to the origins of chocolate and to how cocoa conquered Europe. Want to know more about chocolate?
The History of Chocolate


At Chocolate Monggo’s factory you will be able to directly follow every step of production, from bean to bar. We have created a corridor with windows all along the production chain in order for you to be as close as possible without the hassle of all the strict safety regulations. Smell the thick aroma of the roasted cocoa beans, watch the transformation of the roasted beans into cocoa nibs and then as they’re ground into a rough paste called cocoa mass. Discover the making and refining of our artisan chocolate, as well as the long conching process it goes through to obtain the perfect flavour. In our confectionary area you can also observe the making of some fillings for our bars and pralines. In essence, you’ll be able to see how the chocolate is melted, tempered and moulded into a perfect shiny chocolate bar. One last step is the packing with aluminium foil and craft paper. After all this, the products are ready for the next shipping.
Bean To Bar Production


Here you can taste the best Indonesian chocolates made by Chocolate Monggo and get a number of exclusive gifts, all created with passion, for you! Choose your favourite chocolate bars, with a wide selection of flavours, like fresh fruits, nuts and unique Indonesian specialities, such as Rendang Curry milk chocolate. Discover our delightful truffles and chocolate pralines packed in luxury boxes as well as our special Yogyakarta city souvenirs. During your visit you can watch how the chocolate is produced to the highest possible standards in our factory from cocoa beans to chocolate bars, and also learn everything there is to know about chocolate in our fantastic museum. You can also book chocolate experiences and, last but not least, enjoy creamy chocolate drinks and gelato at our Chocolate “Kedai”!


Why not relax and refresh yourself at our “Kedai” after the informative Museum and Factory tour? Here you can enjoy a variety of original chocolate drinks made from traditional Monggo recipes with varying cocoa percentages, traditional
Javanese drinks, excellent coffee and our speciality iced “Bunga Telang” flower tea. If you get hungry, we have a variety of light food and desserts to choose from: Quiche, Croque Monsieur, Galettes (Pancakes), Cakes and Tartelettes. There’s always room for dessert, right? Finish it off with our homemade Gelato with fresh, natural ingredients and, of course, the best chocolate Indonesia had
to offer! Experience all of this in a beautiful place far from the noisy city, with outdoor terraces surrounded by cocoa trees, traditional Javanese architecture and ambient gamelan music.

The Chocolate Kingdom

Jalan Tugu Gentong RT 03 Sribitan, Bangunjiwo, Kasihan, Bantul

Hotline Bookings: +62 (0)821 37772324

Online order: +62 (0) 821 3326 2563

Opening hours: 10 am – 6 pm



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