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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions About Chocolate

Is Chocolate Monggo Halal?

Yes, we are Halal certified and we are committed to this way of production since the early beginnings. Following the Ulama regulations, we are renewing our certificate every 2 years. But our dedicated team of Muslims will internally strictly control all the Halal procedures.

Is Chocolate Monggo BPOM certified?

Yes, we are BPOM certified since 2008 with the “Piagam Bintang II” level. We follow Good Manufacturing Practices to ensure the best food safety conditions.

In our new production facilities, we are soon implementing ISO 22000 standards.

How is the Expired date of the chocolate determined and how long does the chocolate last?

Best before and Production date are mentioned on the packaging.

Each product as its own life cycle and besides all the laboratory analyses, we are also testing each of our products in different storage conditions to determine how long it can maintain its best quality.

But don’t forget that we live in a Tropical country with high temperatures and high humidity levels. So, keep your chocolate in a cool and dry place.

How to keep the chocolate in the best condition?

In order to maintain its best quality, our chocolate is stored in a cool and dry place. The best temperatures are between 18 and 20 °C for bars, tablets, and other plain products, but for pralines and truffles between 6 and 9 °C is a must.

Chocolate easily absorbs odors. Avoid placing chocolate near smelling foods or products. The odors can modify the taste of chocolate and there is no pleasure in eating a dark chocolate-tasting soap.

Chocolate doesn't like water either. Avoid direct contact with water, condensation, or humidity. If your chocolate is in the refrigerator always re-sealing the packaging tightly to keep the product dry. Water on chocolate will make the sugar bloom to the surface and create white spots. It is still good to eat with those white spots but as we say “we eat with our eyes”

What kind of sugar is used in the chocolate?

Non-refined cane sugar is used in most Chocolate Monggo products. We also use coconut blossom sugar and Javanese palm sugar.

Dark chocolate without sugar, is it bitter or not?

Pure chocolate is indeed bitter. 100% Dark chocolate Monggo is made with a very good cocoa mass from well-fermented cocoa beans and this is reducing the bitterness of the taste.

If you are on a strict none-sugar diet and this product is still too bitter for you, then try the 100% with dried apricots. Without affecting your sugar level this chocolate will bring real taste pleasure.

Is 100% Dark Chocolate safe for diabetics and heart problem patients?

100% cocoa Dark Chocolate is safe for diabetics because the chocolate does not contain sugar but is made from pure cocoa only. Dark 100% with dried apricots is also safe for diabetic people and is a fruity-bitter pleasure.

Any dark chocolate from 60% of cocoa till 100% is good for people with heart problems as it will help to lower blood pressure.

Are Chocolate Monggo products gluten-free?

Almost all Chocolate Monggo products are Gluten-free. Although we are also creating cereal bars, biscuits, and cookies that are not gluten-free.

What is the difference between Chocolate Monggo and other chocolates?

Chocolate Monggo is a premium couverture chocolate or “Real Chocolate” produced in Yogyakarta using high-quality ingredients, namely fermented Indonesian cocoa beans and made of high percentages of cocoa mass and cocoa butter. We don’t use any cheap vegetable oil in our products.

Our extra fine chocolate needs a very long process of making and ageing before it will melt smoothly on the tongue. Our Belgian chocolate expertise is a guarantee of quality but also of creativity. Try our delicious chocolate pralines and truffles to feel the difference.

While you might also find on the market other chocolate products that are generally “compound chocolates” made from a little cocoa powder mixed with a lot of sugar and vegetable oil. Products like this are mostly only tasting a bit of chocolate but are not real chocolate.

Is it true that Chocolate Monggo is a local product?

Chocolate Monggo is an original product from Jogja, made from natural local ingredients and be handled/ treated/ processed by chocolate experts from Belgium at our factory located in Bangunjiwo, Bantul Regency Indonesia.

We are also working with many local farmers to source our cocoa beans, fruits, spices, nuts, etc

Does Chocolate cause allergies? / Can I be allergic to chocolate? / Does your chocolate contain allergens?

Plain Dark Chocolate does not cause allergies, but the milk and nuts content in chocolate are allergens.

Always check the list of ingredients on the packaging!

Are there any chocolate products for vegetarians? / Any advice for a vegetarian / which chocolate is good for vegetarians?

All of our plain Dark Chocolate Products can be consumed by vegetarians as they do not contain any milk & eggs. All the Dark chocolates with spices, dry nuts and fruits are also suitable for vegetarians. Although, some of our Dark chocolate products with nut paste - praline filling do contain milk in the filling.

Please always refer to our list of ingredients on the packaging for more information.

Any recommendations for Dark Chocolate for diet?

We recommend our Dark Chocolate 100% cocoa for your diet program. Especially, if you are on a Keto diet, this is the perfect product.

Any dark chocolate from 58% to 100% is very good for health with its very high antioxidant levels.

If you are on a “good mood diet” indulge yourself with our mouth-watery chocolate pralines. 

Does chocolate contain antioxidants?

Dark chocolate is the food with the highest antioxidants! Even milk chocolate has good levels of antioxidants. The antioxidants in (real) chocolate are flavonoids and they are helping preventing cancer and heart diseases.

Can chocolate make us fat? / Can consume chocolate make us gain weight?

Plain Dark chocolate will not make you fat. Instead, eating Chocolate tends to make us happier. Chocolate is also a source of high calories and energy and it is a perfect snack for sports activities. Eat and eliminate.

What if I find an insect in the chocolate?

One insect, in particular, is attracted by the cocoa and the chocolate. It is called the “Cocoa Moth” a little butterfly that will lay its eggs near the source of any nice cocoa smell. The newborn tiny larvae might find their way through the packaging and reach the good chocolate to feed on. That caterpillar will then grow in the chocolate and make room to metamorphose into a moth. A complete life cycle will take up to 3 months. Such contamination often occurs in open rooms and supermarkets letting the moth too easily reach its target.

If such a thing happens to you with our product, we won’t let you be frustrated with your infested chocolate and will replace it even if this has not happened in our hands. Only your positive experience matters to us.

Please don’t forget to keep the packaging with the infested chocolate and share pictures of it and details of your purchase.

We are also happy to be informed about such matters as we will immediately evaluate the storage conditions of the contaminated product.

You may ask yourself if this couldn’t happen in our production facilities. Infested cocoa beans eventually? Well then, the eggs of the moth would need to go through the roasting, the extra fine grinding, the extra fine sieving and that would just be impossible.

We also advise, in order to reduce those risks, to purchase directly from our stores offline or online.

Questions About My Order

Why do I have to register?

You can save time because you don’t need to fill in your contact information each time you place an order. You can view your earlier purchases in your order history. It is easy and very convenient.

What If I want to order in large volumes for my special occasion?

Please contact us by email at customer-care@chocolatemonggo.co.id or message us by WhatsApp for specific products and quantities. Our team will help you and explain the procedure to follow.

My address is not covered by the Chocolate Monggo online shop, yet I want to order online, what should I do?

Please contact us by email at customer-care@chocolatemonggo.co.id or send us a message by WhatsApp for specific products and quantities. Our team will help you and explain the procedure to follow.

Whether the packaging is safe or not for shipment abroad?

We always pack our products safely but for long distances, extra packaging might be required such as bubble wrap, stereo foam box, dry ice, etc. Extra charges might apply. We want you to receive our products in the best condition.

Can you provide information on the expected delivery date of my order?
What day will my order arrive? | Do you know which day I'll get my order?

All orders are shipped as soon as possible if your order comes in before 16.00 WIB every day. Choose the most appropriate logistics company. Avoid logistics with long delivery times. They might be cheaper but you might also end up eating your chocolate bar with a spoon.

Can I request a greeting card to put in my order?

We also provide greeting cards, give us the words you want to say, then add to the note while you make an order. You can contact us by WhatsApp for any assistance.

How can I track my shipment status?

Please click the order tracking menu and enter/ write your tracking number.

I've signed the receipt when I found out that I received the wrong products or the products are not in good condition. Can I return the product or receive any cashback?

Products are not returnable or refundable after the receipt is signed. We strongly recommend you check your products before signing the receipt. However, should these specific conditions occur, please address your complaint to our customer service: customer-care@chocolatemonggo.co.id

If the products delivered are different from what you ordered, please let us know immediately through WhatsApp and we will replace the products within 24 hours, without any additional delivery charges

What if I receive a defective product?

We have a strong commitment to the quality of our products and if this defective product case happens it is due to reasons beyond our control.  However, if in the unlikely event the packaging was damaged (dirty, torn, or oily) or the product is misshapen (broken or melted) we will replace the defective products within 24 hours, without additional delivery charges.

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