Jl. Tugu gentong RT. 03 Sribitan

Bangunjiwo Kasihan Bantul.

Yogyakarta 55184, Indonesia

Phone(0274) 646 5223

Open Daily 09.00 - 17.00

Including: Museum Tour, Factory Tour

And Chocolate Factory

About the Museum


The Museum Chocolate Monggo is the first of it's kind in Yogyakarta. It is located in Bangunjiwo, Bantul and was opened in 2017. The Museum was made for those, who not just visited Monggo to enjoy our chocolate but are also to give the educative experience and to whom interested to know more about the product and its origin. 

Museum Tour

In the Museum the visitors will be guided through the history of chocolate, the cocoa plantation and the production processes that are necessary to transform cocoa into chocolate and finally the personal story of Chocolate Monggo. The Tour is available in English and Indonesian. 


*included in the Museum Package

Chocolate Experience

Joining our chocolate Experience to make your own chocolate creation. The participants can make their own so called Mendiant, a french chocolate confectionary and add dried fruits or nuts as a topping to it.


*included in the Museum Package

Factory Tour

The participants can see the real production proses of chocolate, beginning from the cocoa bean, bought from local farmers, until it gets processed by chocolate making machines. The participants also will get the opportunity to try and taste the differences between the rough bean and how its taste changes after certain production steps.


*included in museum package

Chocolate Café

Here you can enjoy one of Monggos new sensation, chocolate drinks inspired by Monggos original recipes and made with real chocolate. The drinks come either hot or cold and with different chocolate percentages, such as Milk chocolate, Dark chocolate 69% of cocoa, dark chocolate 58% of cocoa and dark chocolate 77% of cocoa. 


Next to the Museum building you will find the Chocolate Monggo showroom, where you can find the complete collection of all Monggo products.

*Tour Museum Package requires booking

For booking more Information

Phone: 0274 373192 (WhatsApp Available)


Reciece a guide tour

in Indonesia or English

(See "Museum and Factory Tour")


Create your own chocolate

(See "Chocolate Experience")

Each Group has to create minimal 10 pieces

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