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Bangunjiwo, a Tourist and Culinary Paradise in Yogyakarta that You Must Visit.

Want to find alternatives and other holiday experiences after being in Jogja several times, going to Kaliurang, shopping at Malioboro, or visited the South Beach?

How about going to Bangunjiwo? This southern part of Jogja has many interesting places and exciting activities that you can visit and try. Starting from the Chocolate Museum, villas with unique architecture, to various restaurants with delicious menus. Let’s explore each one:

1. Chocolate Monggo Museum, Factory, and Kedai

Chocolate Monggo has been known as a producer of healthy chocolate because, Monggo products contain real cocoa butter – which is rich in vitamins and antioxidants – has a Museum and Factory in Bangunjiwo. At the Chocolate Monggo Museum and Factory, you will get an educational experience on everything about Chocolate: the history of chocolate, the process of Cocoa beans to chocolate, the tools and ingredients for making chocolate, the history of Chocolate Monggo. There are also interesting experiences that you can try: tasting raw materials, various chocolate drinks and foods and experiencing the experience of being a Chocolatier (chocolate expert) by creating your own chocolate! Apart from the Museum and Factory, there is also a Chocolate Café (Kedai). You can enjoy snacks and desserts from Belgian chocolate experts in this Javanese-style building. The food and drinks served include, Galletes, Croque Meneer, quiche, various original chocolate drinks, Gelato, and many more drinks and desserts that you must try.

Sribitan, Bangunjiwo, Kec. Kasihan, Bantul, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55184


2. Jawi Jawi

This restaurant is very interesting because it has the atmosphere of Javanese and colonial unique architecture. Located in a lush area of trees, away from the crowds – you will feel the cool and fresh air. Jiwa Jawi has several dining options, ranging from coffee houses; where you can drink coffee while enjoying a variety of paintings by the restaurant owner, a traditional Javanese style Joglo area (complete with wooden ornaments) and the lastly, the balcony and back garden area; where you can enjoy the view of the forest and garden that spoil the eyes. The menu that Jiawa Jawi serves is the signature of Indonesian cuisine, such as ribs for rujak spices, Bongko roti, and many more. Come to Jiwa Jawi, to try the delicious and appetizing food and drink menus.

Jl. Tugu Gentong Jl. Fasco Village, Salakan, Bangunjiwo, Kec. Kasihan, Bantul, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55184


3. Sun Moon Star Villa

For those of you who want need a staycation with your family in a private and intimate atmosphere, Sun Moon Star Villa is the perfect choice. This villa, with a modern traditional design has several attractive facilities that you can enjoy: 3 spacious bedrooms, a bathroom design with an amazing view, and a very instagenic outdoor swimming pool. Guaranteed you will have a pleasant stay with the comfortable atmosphere, beautiful views of the rice fields and of course the very friendly service.

Jl. Gilingrejo, Gedongan, Bangunjiwo, Kec. Kasihan, Bantul, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55184


4. Rajaklana Resort and Spa

One of the restaurants in Bangunjiwo turns out to provide many facilities besides a place to eat such as, a swimming pool, mini boats, children’s playgrounds, mini zoo, spa, massage facilities, and mini halls and resorts to stay in. The perfect place for you to enjoy with friends and family. The food served has a variety of menus, ranging from archipelago cuisine, seafood, to western food. This place is increasingly becoming a favorite because of its beautiful scenery. You can enjoy food and drinks while looking at the hills of Yogyakarta, Mount Merapi, and Mount Merbabu. The cool air and gentle breeze will make your experience unforgettable in Rajaklana.

Jl. Lembah Wisata, Sembung, Balecatur, Kec. Gamping, Kabupaten Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55752


5. Kvla Tresna and Sirja Kulatresna

Offers the experience of staying in a studio villa with a natural atmosphere, and the explore the taste through a serving of fresh vegetables and fruits at Resto Sirja. Its existence is very unique, because Kulatresna and Sirja were created from the materials around them, curated, and processed using technology from local farmers and craftsmen. Everything is done with full awareness of the things that might be generated, including waste, which then leads us to energy efficiency, because they believe that there is a balance that needs to be maintained: namely social, cultural and environmental relations; as well as for physical and mental health. Visiting Kulatresna and Sirja you can feel and celebrate life more closely and with full awareness. They serve everything that can be touched, felt and truly enjoyed: architecture, interior, kitchen, garden, food and drink; all brought from the heart to be sent back there, for whoever comes to visit.

Ds. Krebet, RT01, Kabrokan Wetan, Sendangsari, Pajangan, Bantul Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta 55751


6. Waroeng Tedoeh

This restaurant in Bangunjiwo is a very aesthetic and beautiful building. The menu that is served here is be said to be authentic, because it provides a traditional Javanese menu with the intention that it is timeless. The menus that you can enjoy include: Ingkung Tenong as a mainstay menu, and many other traditional menus as well as delicious snacks that are suitable for casual meals. In addition to its delicious food, Waroeng Tedoeh also gives you a natural atmosphere with shade and trees. The arrangement of the stones as building material are installed with great detail, making the place instagramable. Visit in the afternoon, to capture a very beautiful sunset view.

Sambikerep, Bangunjiwo, Kec. Kasihan, Bantul, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55184


7. Bluesteps

Blue steps give the feel of a luxurious and very aesthetic wooden building, which you rarely encounter in urban areas. This villa with a very exotic view has an outdoor pool, which can be used for private parties with friends and family. If you don’t want to stay overnight,  Bluesteps has a restaurant that serves delicious and varied menus. Starting from local cuisine, as well as foreign cuisine. Around the villa you can do outdoor activities such as cycling or just taking a leisurely walk with the view of the rice fields and coconut trees. An interesting experience that you should consider with your beloved friends and family.

Jl. Boulevard No. 7, Jl. Karangjati No.RT. 07, Gedongan, Bangunjiwo, Kasihan, Bantul Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta 55184